British Fluoridation Conference in Birmingham on 23rd October 2021


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Aim: An overview of how the British Fluoridation Society’s scientific expertise, wealth of resources and long-standing experience can be called upon by those taking forward the implementation of water fluoridation

Learning Outcomes

  • Explore how all those with an interest in reducing dental health inequalities can make water fluoridation happen and become relevant to all
  • Understand how to make a difference by reducing dental health inequalities in your local community
  • Explore how water fluoridation can support caries prevention alongside other dental health initiatives

Anticipated GDC Development Outcomes A & C

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Welcome and introduction
Lord Philip Hunt, President, British Fluoridation Society
Addressing delegates
Maria Cauldfield, Minister for Health
Fluoridation: The evidence base and impact
Anna Ireland, National Lead for Dental Public Health, Department of Health and Social Care
Making a difference locally in Birmingham
Eddie Crouch, Chair PEC, British Dental Association
The importance of communication in consultation
Sandra White, Clinical Director, Association of Dental Groups
Making a difference – a public health approach
Maria Morgan, President BASCD, Retired Senior Lecturer in Dental Public Health, Cardiff
The impact of social media on informing the public
Yewande Oduwole & Victoria Ojetunde
Making a difference in practice
Fiona Ellwood, Patron & Executive Director, Society of British Dental Nurses