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The British Fluoridation Society was founded in 1969 to work for improved dental health in the UK through the introduction of water fluoridation schemes.

We are a not-for-profit limited company – Registered Number: 00953937 (England and Wales).

Our water fluoridation advocacy activity is now entirely funded by donations. The British Fluoridation Society would be very grateful for any monetary donations as will the many people who will benefit from the intervention.

I have listed some suggested donations, but we stress if you would like to contribute less than the suggested amounts, it would be gratefully accepted. You can use the custom box to enter the amount you would like to pledge.

You can make your donation via PayPal (we have a business account so you can use debit / credit cards) or you can make an offline donation using the BACS transfer. In particular, for larger amounts we would prefer a BACS as we pay a transaction fee for a PayPal donation.

When you pledge an offline donation, you will complete your details and then receive an email with bank details for you to make the BACS transfer.

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59% reduction

in hospital admissions for children’s dental extractions in fluoridated areas (PHE 2018)

6 million people in the UK are served by water fluoridation schemes.

68% reduction

in children’s hospital admissions for dental extractions in the most deprived areas

52% lower

odds of 5 year olds in the most deprived but fluoridated areas, experiencing decay (PHE 2018).