Key Points

  • Israel set to reintroduce water fluoridation of its public water supply system in a move that will potentially benefit more than 5 million people.
  • Around 6 million people in the UK are served by community water fluoridation schemes.
  • Across the world an estimated 380 million people are served by community water fluoridation schemes.
  • Around 13.5 million people in Europe are served by community water fluoridation schemes, including 6 million in the UK, 4.2 million in Spain and 3.3 million in the Irish Republic.
  • Information from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) shows that community water fluoridation schemes are serving a record total of 211.4 million people across the United States.
  • The number of people benefiting from community water fluoridation around the world continues to increase year on year.  Between 2002 and 2014, approximately 58 million more people worldwide have started to drink fluoridated water thanks to new schemes introduced over that period..

One in a Million

Our One in a Million online database includes a comprehensive section on the extent of fluoridation.

Summary of Data Published Post 2012/2013

  • The US Centers for Disease Control have published their latest fluoridation statistics for 2018.  They have introduced a new method for calculating population coverage in the US. So, in 2018 207.4 million residents were receiving fluoridated water or 73% of those on community water systems. This represents a 1.4% drop from the earlier 2014 calculation
  • In Brazil coverage continues to expand. The most recent data for 2008 suggests around 144.7 million residents receive fluoridated water (Frazio and Narvai, 2017).
  • BFS has not undertaken a detailed review of our 2012/3 estimate but believe worldwide coverage is now in excess of 400million people.