The format of this page is

  • A summary of the key points relevant up to 2020
  • An online and printable version of the 2012/3 publication “one in a million”
  • A summary of the main points raised by more recent papers and reports
  • Access to a list of the key papers and reports published since 2012/3
  • Access to an archive of other reports etc.

Key Points (Updated 2020)

  • Around 6 million people in the UK are served by community water fluoridation schemes.
  • Across the world an estimated 380 million people are served by community water fluoridation schemes.
  • Around 13.5 million people in Europe are served by community water fluoridation schemes, including 6 million in the UK, 4.2 million in Spain and 3.4 million in the Irish Republic.
  • Official data from the US indicates that population coverage has increased from 2008 by almost 12 million people up to a total 207 million in 2018.
  • Increases in Brazil and the US bring the worldwide coverage to more than 400 million people.

One in a Million

Our One in a Million online database includes a comprehensive section on the extent of fluoridation.

The extent of water fluoridation

Extent of Water Fluoridation - Printable

Summary of Data Published Post 2012/2013

  • The US Centers for Disease Control have published their latest fluoridation statistics for 2018.  They have introduced a new method for calculating population coverage in the US. So, in 2018 207.4 million residents were receiving fluoridated water or 73% of those on community water systems. This represents a 1.4% drop from the earlier 2014 calculation.
  • In Brazil coverage continues to expand. The most recent data for 2008 suggests around 144.7 million residents receive fluoridated water (Frazio and Narvai, 2017).
  • BFS has not undertaken a detailed review of our 2012/3 estimate but believe worldwide coverage is now in excess of 400million people.