If you are new to fluoride in water, look here for an introduction

Royal Society of Chemistry recognises that the evidence on the safety and effectiveness of water fluoridation is robust.

The Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC) is a learned society concerned with advancing chemistry as a science, developing its applications, and disseminating chemical knowledge. https://www.rsc.org/about-us/our-charter/

The RSC organised a seminar in Hull on Water Fluoridation on April 7th 2017.  At the seminar, Education Co-ordinator for the Royal Society of Chemistry in the North East of England, Joanne Buckley, confirmed that: “on the basis of the available robust scientific evidence” community water fluoridation is both safe and effective in reducing the prevalence of tooth decay.

Although as an organisation the RSC is neither pro nor anti fluoridation, this is an important statement as the Royal Society of Chemistry exists to promote the advancement of chemical science and its application.