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59% reduction

in hospital admissions for children’s dental extractions in fluoridated areas (PHE 2018)

6 million

people in the UK are served by water fluoridation schemes.

68% reduction

in children’s hospital admissions for dental extractions in the most deprived areas

52% lower

odds of 5 year olds in the most deprived but fluoridated areas, experiencing decay (PHE 2018).

Welcome to the British Fluoridation Society

We provide information about the dental benefits and safety involved in the fluoridation of drinking water; a public health measure that involves adjusting the naturally occurring fluoride content of water to the optimum level for good oral health.

Our Aims

1. To promote improvement of dental health by securing the optimum fluoride content of water supplies (one part per million) in those areas where high levels of tooth decay remain a public health problem.

2. To promote and co-ordinate medical, dental, educational, and administrative efforts to achieve this.

3.  To distribute information about dental health.


More than 400 million people benefiting worldwide.

Since we last estimated worldwide coverage in 2012 fluoridation has continued to expand particularly in Brazil.

From New York to Newcastle

Major cities where water fluoridation is making an important contribution to dental health include New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Dublin, Rio de Janeiro, Hong Kong, Sydney, Melbourne, Birmingham and Newcastle.

Fluoridation safe and effective says Australian review.

The Australian National Health and Medical Research Council published its important systematic review and information paper in 2017 (Water fluoridation; dental and other health effects).


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