If you are new to fluoride in water, look here for an introduction

Podcasts and Ebooks

An e-book : The history of fluoridation

Chair of BFS  Barry Cockcroft takes part in a Dentistry magazine in 2020  podcast; here he is again in another podcast, this time with The Dentist in 2021

The American Dental Association produced a series of webinars to celebrate 75 years of water fluoridation. They can be viewed here; they are free – all you have to do is get an ADA login (see the link).

Retired American Psychiatrist Dr Stephen Barrett talks about his support for water fluoridation and how the general public can make their mind up about it. He operates many health-related websites including Quackwatch and Dental Watch (where you can find more information on Water fluoridation).

Dr Myron Allukian Jr, a leading dental health advocate, talks about his support for water fluoridation.

UK Dentist Tom Robson talks about treating patients nowadays  in fluoridated and non-fluoridated areas .

Interesting animation:  see here

Interesting article “Community water fluoridation and the integrity of equitable public health infrastructure