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What we do

You will be aware that you are on the mailing list of Simon Hearnshaw’s Community Water Fluoridation Network, set up to co-ordinate and facilitate advocacy for new and existing schemes.

For some time now The British Fluoridation Society https://bfsweb.org/ has been supporting the mailouts; now we want to formalise that relationship.

We are proposing that members of the CWF network be invited to join the formal CWF Network mailing list run on mailchimp (to help us comply with data protection and data handling best practice) and be part of the BFS family.

For a while Simon will retain the two-way email list but the one-way (from us to you) system will eventually predominate.

If you are happy to receive emails from the CWF network in the BFS family please complete the enclosed form. You will then be formally requested by mailchimp to undergo a simple ratification procedure.

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